Integrating Probability Into Morality & New Age Religions

In a antecedent article, we discussed the “Order of Probabilities” which governs our universe, actual universe, that is.

We empiric that the cosmos came with a set of “Rules” of Physics, mathematics, with assertive bulk of certainty, ambiguity and chaos, which accumulated administer the apparatus and interactions amid all matter, activity and bodies, ample or small.

That these rules appear in the anatomy of “possible” paths for all things to happen. And because there are consistently so abounding paths for any individual event, that we acquire to call our cosmos in agreement of “Probability”, that assertive paths are added apparent to be taken than others. And as V would say, in the masterpiece, “V for Vendetta”, “There is no Certainty, alone Opportunity”.

But even if the allowance are acutely top for a assertive path, added paths are aswell accessible and they are occasionally taken, beneath frequently, but they do eventually occur. This appearing anarchy is amenable for the way the cosmos evolved, for activity and change on this earth.

Genetic mutation, is an accident whereby “an error” takes abode during the action of authoritative abiogenetic “copies”. This error, is an archetype of an doubtful path. Such absurdity could be amenable for a ancestral ache suffered by the off-spring, or a askew babyish or a miscarriage. But this abiogenetic “error” is aswell amenable for giving bearing to a new bread in the change process. And as errors arise and accrue over a aeon of about a billion years, activity forms went through a annoying action of alternative and evolution, and from area we angle today, Man emerged as an able being, able of inventing networked computers which accredit you to apprehend this commodity (!), advancing at the end, so far that is, of a alternation which apparently started with a individual corpuscle amoeba.

But if there are there pre-defined “paths” for aggregate to happen? Area would “our choice” fit into this? Or did such “Order” lay out abundance of “potential” paths, anniversary presenting “opportunity to happen”, “probability to occur”? Can one “improve such probabilities”? Is that it? Is this what it is all about? That we just acquire pre-defined paths, and all we can do is to plan absolutely harder to accomplish our “chosen path” added apparent than others?

Can we acquit ourselves of “responsibility” then, back the absolute of our albatross is to accomplish adapted “outcomes” added probable, not added apparent than “undesired” results, but as added apparent as compared to their aboriginal chance, if we were not there to access such chance?

If we can accept, that the absolute of our abilities, is to alone advance the probabilities, can we reside and action as happier animal beings, added in accord with ourselves, with others, and with the cosmos which surrounds us, the cosmos which we can not change or adapt in any cogent way. Is this something we can accept? Or will this advance to us falling in the allurement of getting victims of our circumstances?

When it comes to morality, we acquire consistently been told that if you do good, behave yourself and be adequate to your neighbor, you will be adored with adequate consequences. You go to heavens. In New-age religions, area rewards yield abode in this life, you reside a blessed and advantageous activity accomplishing accord and close peace. Angry behavior and abomination do not pay. But every already in a while, we see the adverse demography place. Abomination sometimes pay. In abounding situations, angry behavior goes unpunished. Some humans about get abroad with murder.

When this happens, it just demotivates us. We acquire abstruse that if we all account the cartage laws, anybody will access faster and streets will be safer. But every already in a while, we see anyone who zips through on a red ablaze and he does assume to access even faster still. Sure. If we all did that, affairs are, no one will be able to access to their destination in the aboriginal place. The Adjustment can acquire deviation. An improbable, rarely-occurring deviation, just like a mutation. And just like mutations are all-important for evolution, aberration from the arrangement are aswell all-important because they eventually advise us new means to accomplishing things. Ninety Nine point nine nine nine percent of the time, these deviations, would be as bootless as abiogenetic mutations arch to a askew antecedent or a adolescent who suffers from a ancestral disease. But every already in a while, these aberration serve to accord us a new way of accomplishing things better!

I like to ascertain “good” as whatever works on the continued appellation accomplishing a antithesis amid arrogance and others interests. Our amusing acquaintance has provided us with a set of values, behaviors, norms, religious commodity and even laws defining what is “good” and what is “not”. But what is “good”? How did we apperceive what is adequate and what is not? It basically comes in a amusing context, appearance those ethics and behaviors which the association finds adequate and acknowledging to its adaptation (survival again, as an adjustment of evolution), as good. I had beforehand mentioned a “balance” amid arrogance and that of the society, a antithesis amid an individual’s adaptation and the group’s survival. But the added the getting sacrifices his own interest, trades his own adaptation for that of the “Group’s”, the added good, the better, he or she is, until that getting becomes a “hero”, aloft all arrogance and sacrificing all for the abundance of the society. On the added hand, the getting who focuses alone on his or her own interests, survival, apathy interests of the group, alienated “survival” of the group, that getting is accounted “bad” and “evil” and self-serving.

So, the aspect is, abide getting adequate to your neighbor. Pay your taxes. Be nice to added people, even if sometimes you accommodated humans who admitting getting angry to their neighbors and big-time offenders, yet they assume to be blessed and acceleration to top offices of power, abundance and fame. If you accommodated such exceptions, such absurdity cases, do not get abashed or disheartened. The “Order” is still there. It still works. But it does not plan every time in the aforementioned way. Do not be balked such that you alpha abrading your neighbor’s fender! These attenuate barring are a allotment of the Adjustment of Probability. It is like if you go gambling. The allowance are that you will consistently lose money on the bank table. So, you would bigger not gamble, except conceivably for fun. But you do see humans who action and apple-pie the abode accession huge wins! It does happen, but it is awful absurd and a lot of apparently unsustainable! You can anticipate of this as a high-risk investment or a alarming sport. It is enjoyable, and some humans win, but added generally than not, those who go down that aisle eventually lose.

The assurance of the commodity is that individuals should abide to beam the “Order” so that they aerate the anticipation of affair favorable outcomes, consistently developing a “good Karma” if you like.

Goodness will apparently prevail, as per analogue above, and activity will a lot of acceptable be fair. But do not get abashed if you acquisition that activity occasionally is not fair. You just hit an afflicted band and it is acceptable to change soon. Things will just acquire to get better, in acquiescence with the Adjustment of this universe.

Blessed be the Order, which gives existence, life, acceptation and Adequate Probabilities!

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Creating Wealth Through Shariah Compliance

What is Shariah acquiescence and why would anyone wish it?

Shariah acquiescence is based in Islamic accounts and absolutely artlessly forbids usury or riba which is the charging of absorption on a accommodation or riba al nasia. This acquiescence aswell prohibits gharar or boundless accident by one or added parties complex in a contract. Finally, shariah acquiescence disallows haram investments including pork-related investments, gambling, entertainment, war expenditures and pornography.

Shariah acquiescence creates an equitable, investment anatomy which allows for accumulation and abundance while announcement ethical and moral investments not to the damage of society.

I accept that 2011 provides an befalling to see the backwoods from the copse and the grasshoppers from the ants. Several able investment opportunities abound in the areas of the blue-blooded metals, energy, agriculture, and added arenas like biotechnology. Fortunately, bolt can be purchased in agreement of the metals, activity and agronomical articles and these article purchases, so continued as they do not absorb haram (ie pork bellies) or gharar (ie approaching affairs and options), action an outstanding befalling to advance wisely and to participate in a apparent accretion in the advancing years.

In fact, the United Kingdom has accustomed the befalling present with Islamic cyberbanking and has accepted the structure.

“When it comes to Sharia-compliant banking, few Western countries can attempt with Britain. One of the world’s prime cyberbanking centers, the City of London is aswell the key Western hub for Islamic banking. With 23 banks, nine armamentarium managers and a amount of all-embracing law firms alms Islamic accounts in the City, by 2006 British Sharia-compliant assets were apprehension to be in the arena of $22 billion. The all-around industry has trebled in the accomplished decade and is now annual about $531 billion. Britain is aswell in the beat if it comes to Sharia-compliant retail banking, accouterment for its citizenry of about three actor Muslims.”

Yet Muslims gluttonous to advance aural the United States still accept the adeptness to defended Shariah adjustable cyberbanking and investment vehicles.

“With a best-guess amount of six actor Muslims in the United States of whom about 60 percent are adherent (and accordingly acceptable to use Islamic cyberbanking services), Shayesteh considers calm Sharia-compliant cyberbanking an beginning market. ‘We (the United States) accept at atomic 3.6 actor [potential customers] at the actual abject akin bazaar befalling for banks from away and actuality to tap into,’ he explained.”

The accent about is not artlessly to see an “untapped market,” but to accept the accent of the attempt of Shariah acquiescence which annual association by not demography advantage the association through debt-inducing usury.

There are added investments if one were to, for example, advance for arduous accumulation or gain. Shorting the dollar and advance in debt or absorption ( in apprehension of ascent aggrandizement in 2011) has been alleged the “trade of the decade.” However, if one considers that riba forbids usury which creates acknowledgment and the shorting of a bill one does not own, these investments blackmail society.

Shariah adjustable advance is so important it supports the cyberbanking association by benefiting the cyberbanking industry and the community-at-large.

The American cyberbanking arrangement has not answer Sharia-compliant cyberbanking and investing.

“…constitutional banned on announcement any one adoration over another… keep(s) legislators quiet about the opportunities, and (as there is) no assurance that any above American banks will be rolling out Islamic products, the bazaar charcoal unexploited for now.”

How refreshing. Something in the cyberbanking industry which is not getting exploited…yet. This is acceptable annual and a abundant befalling to activate about-face your investment directives in 2011 starting with aperture a riba-free blockage and accumulation annual and purchasing bolt aboriginal in the year afore the prices escalate.

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